ASIS Tampa Bay

West Coast Chapter 30


Meeting information

September 17, 2015

Sheriff Gualtieri
Pinellas, County Sheriff Office

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Designed in 2011, the ASIS Florida West Coast Chapter 30 challenge coin is a marriage of tradition and expec- tation, embracing past accomplishments while aspiring to even greater achievements in the future.

The front of the coin displays the ASIS International logo as well as our chapter designation and the year in which we were founded.

The red bands on both the front and back represent the men and women who have made the ultimate sacri- fice protecting the lives and property of those they served.

There are twelve stars which are displayed in the red band on the back of the coin. They equate with the months of the year, reminding us that we must always be vigilant in fulfilling our duties and responsibilities on behalf of our employers, clients, and fellow security professionals.

The inner gold band on the back of the coin contains our motto, which reflects the very core of our Chapter 30 values.

The bridge on the back of the coin is a representation of the famous “Sunshine Skyway”. It appeared on our original challenge coin, and links both sides of Tampa Bay. It stands as a symbol of the partnership and spirit of cooperation that exists between the public and private security professionals within our Chapter.


This coin is available for $15.00 for non-members, $10.00 for ASIS members

The Florida West Coast Chapter of ASIS International is pleased to offer our CPP Challenge Coin to CPP’s world-wide. Each coin is beautifully rendered and is ac-companied by a parchment containing the coin’s Heraldry.

Due to demand, we are limiting the number of coins for any single purchase to five (5). When ordering, you must provide your CPP certification number. Once con-firmed and upon receipt of your payment, your coins will be shipped immediately.

The coins are priced at $20.00 each. Don’t miss out on your chance to own one of these beautiful reminders of your accomplishment in attaining the coveted CPP cer-tification.

Heraldry of the Florida West Coast

Chapter 30 ASIS CPP Challenge Coin

We chose the classic image of Atlas supporting the planet to represent Certified Protection Professionals world-wide.

Just as Atlas assumed the responsibility for carrying the weight of the world, a CPP is expected to perform his/her responsibilities in a dependable, competent and conscientious manner, regardless of how daunting the task: strong in the knowledge that they have been tested and affirmed as true industry professionals.

A CPP... Committed, Passionate, Proven.

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