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September 17, 2015

Sheriff Gualtieri
Pinellas, County Sheriff Office

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For years, the world has recognized a need for competent professionals who can effectively manage complex security issues that threaten the people and the assets of corporations, governments, and public and private institutions. As the emphasis on the protection of people, property, and information has increased, it has made the demand for professional security practitioners even more necessary and important. To meet this mandate, ASIS International administers the following certification programs . ... More on Getting Certified

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The Florida West Coast Chapter 30 of ASIS International has many scholarships.  See the full list of Scholarship Opportunities.

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Members who are currently conducting an employment search may send a short bio containing areas of interest and highpoints of their experience to the Placement Chair. Please include all contact information. It is not necessary to send a resume. ... More on Careers and Placement