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Nominations are being accepted for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals for the 2021 event which will include 2020 and 2021 awards. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a great deal from us but our professionals are present and ready to respond. Help us honor them all May 2022.


Nomination Process

Nominations for the following categories are currently open for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals:

  • Officer of the Year
  • Officer Excellence in Performance
  • Dispatcher of the Year
  • K-9 Achievement Award
  • Officer Meritorious Service Certificate

Nomination Criteria for Security Professionals

Security Officer of the Year:

One trophy is presented to a security officer who performs an act of courage involving the risk of personal injury for the purpose of protecting life and/or property; or, who, in the performance of their duties, physically rescues a person from the likelihood of certain death or renders first aid to a person whose life is in immediate jeopardy.

Security Officer Excellence in Performance Award:

A trophy is presented to private security individual(s) who display continued job performance in their assignments in a distinguished and exemplary manner, and/or performs an act of extraordinary intelligence or invaluable service.

Security Dispatcher of the Year Award:

One trophy is awarded to a private security dispatcher for an intelligent act(s) materially contributing to a valuable accomplishment while maintaining professionalism and reassuring calm during extremely stressful and dangerous situations.

Private Security K-9 Achievement Award:

A trophy is awarded to private security K-9 handler(s) for a highly creditable accomplishment(s), and while in the company of a K-9 (dog), he or she performed under difficult or hazardous conditions to both the handler and the K-9.

Security Officer Meritorious Service Certificate:

A Framed Certificate is awarded to security officer(s) who have made valuable contributions through their actions, or through the development of innovative and successful policies, procedures, or methods to increase efficiency in an administrative or operational procedure for the safety and well-being of individuals or for the protection of property.


Nomination Criteria for Law Enforcement

Nominations or Law Enforcement are sought through the respective law enforcement agency. If you would like information on how to nominate a Law Enforcement Professional, Contact Joseph Murray

Submit a Security Nomination

To sumit a nomination for a security professional, access form using the button. Once completed, submit the nomination to ASIS Chapter 30 via email