493 Application Drop Off Procedures

  • Schools, Agencies or Individuals can visit a regional office to drop off applications for Chapter 493 licenses.
  • Upon visiting a regional office, the applicant or representative can knock on the RO door and the RO security officer will ensure that the applicant is submitting a Chapter 493 license application and direct the applicant to drop the application in the drop box.
  • Periodically throughout the day, RO team members will review submitted applications to determine completeness.
  • If a Class “D” application is determined to be complete, a blue card will be emailed to the email address indicated on the application. Applicants who do not provide an email address will not receive a blue card. A blue card will not be necessary to begin working and RO team members will not otherwise contact the applicant to indicate whether the application has been determined to be complete.
  • Once a Class “D” application is determined to be complete, RO team members will update Class “D” Application Log in the RO Information folder with the applicant’s name and date of approval or non-approval. In the event of a non-approval, the log will also have a field to indicate reason for non-approval (e.g. Military History).
  • If the application is determined to be incomplete, the applicant will be instructed to submit a corrected response, and a determination of completion will made within 24 hours of resubmitting.
  • After 24 hours, an applicant may contact the division to determine if the application was complete or incomplete.
  • “Temp G” licenses will not be available for pickup at regional offices.
  • It will not be necessary to use hand sanitizer or to ask screening questions for drop offs, but these individuals must wear masks when dropping off applications.