ASIS International Mentorship Program

The ASIS International Mentoring Security Leaders program is a career development methodology whereby ASIS members (Protégés) are matched with experienced ASIS colleagues for guidance and professional advice in order to gain knowledge and experience for dealing with the Protégé’s immediate business-level requirements. The Mentor/ Protégé relationship also provides a conduit for comprehension of the requirements for advancement of future career paths within the security field.

Any ASIS member, at any job level, may participate in the program. Depending on the experience level of the Protégé within the security industry the Mentoring Program will match up the Protégé and Mentor based on the Protégé’s current experience level. This will allow the Mentor to provide guidance and advice at the correct level intended to assist the Protégé at their current experience level for skill improvement, company and industry cultural comprehension, educational foundation expansion and broadening quality performance to encourage future career advancement.

The program is designed to promote long-term leadership and career development through a one-on-one Mentor- Protégé relationship. Mentors share their experiences and advice on such topics as career advancement, professional visibility, networking and overcoming barriers to career success.

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