ASIS is the largest international educational organization for security professionals, with over 38,000 members worldwide. ASIS is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that focus on both the fundamentals and the most recent advancements in security management.

On January 28th, 1974, the Florida West Coast Chapter of A.S.I.S. assumed the obligation of and was chartered as, Chapter 30 of the American Society of Industrial Security. A.S.I.S. is now known as ASIS International. Our Florida West Coast Chapter serves as a local resource for information on various security and management skills by exposing members to all disciplines so that they can become key participants in the modern business environment.

The Florida Chapter has a proud 40-year history. We are a three-time Chapter of the Year award winner (I.B. Hale Award). And as with any great organization, our true strength is our membership. With close to 250 members and growing, this chapter includes top professionals from every security related field in the Tampa Bay Area.

In an effort to both preserve our heritage and recognize the outstanding contributions of the individuals who volunteered their service, knowledge, and skills to the betterment and perpetuation of this Chapter, we memorialize our Chapter leaders.

Chapter Leader Years of Service
Willard Staples 1974-1975
Ray W. Chambers, CPP 1975-1976
C.L. Holley 1976-1977
Lloyd A. Anderson 1977-1978
Ronald W. Featherstone 1978-1979
Guido R. Massimei 1980
James M. Gill 1981
Jim Moore, CPP 1982
Jerry W. Carter 1983
Gerald W. Cooper, CPP 1984
B.F. Bowen 1985
Lance Foster, CPP 1986
Nancy Giles 1987
James L. Tucker 1988
Allan E. Stein 1989
Brian K. Fox, CPP 1990
Larry K. Radin 1991
Mark C. Sillence 1992
Patricia St. Pearre 1993
Marshall C. Weldy, CPP 1994
Steve C. Millwee, CPP 1995
Ian O. Dziubinski 1996
Gilbert M. Rodriguez, CPP 1997
John J. Kelly, CPP 1998
Curtis J. Reeves, CPP 1999
Oscar Westerfield, CPP 2000
Anthony Rizzo 2001
Rudy Wolter, CPP 2002
Robert Iganamorte/ Jim Parrish, CPP 2003
Carl Stark 2004
Kerry Colvett 2005
John Hawthorne 2006
Jon Kemp 2007
Mike Middlebrooks 2008
Patty Schmitt, CPP 2009
Robert O’Shell, CPP 2010
Ken Stewart 2011
Albert Perotti, Jr., CPP 2012
Bill Schoepf, CPP 2013
William B. Davis, CPP 2014
Carrie Buck 2016, 2017
Logan Rees 2015, 2018