Florida West Coast Chapter of ASIS and TECO Energy Inc. Celebrate the Holidays

On December 1, 2018, the membership of the Florida West Coast Chapter of ASIS International joined together with our security partners at TECO Energy to celebrate the holidays by recognizing the hard work by many in the security field. We also hosted the students, parents and staff of “Gigi’s Playhouse.

For those of you who do not know, Gigi’s Playhouse is a non-profit foundation that was created to support those with Downs syndrome along with their families, friends, and professionals connected to the Downs syndrome community. This organization insures those with Downs syndrome reach their potential, gain confidence through education and community engagement. Their focus is to assist those with Downs syndrome by fostering an environment where all feel supported. As you can imagine their work can be hard, time consuming and demanding.

To allow all of them to gather and enjoy the holidays we hosted a reserved corporate only event at Christmas Lane in Plant City. This event provided holiday-related activities for folks of all ages that included carnival rides, Christmas displays, children’s activities, entertainment and plenty of good old fair food free of charge.

Attended by more than 160 adults and children it turned out to be the perfect time to show them all we are thankful for what they do and that we care about them.

We would also like to thank the officers of the Florida West Coast Chapter of ASIS and TECO Energy Inc. for their financial contribution that made the event possible.