Chapter 30 launched #TipTuesday in 2022. The goal of this social media initiative is to provide security tips to colleagues and members of the community.

#TipTuesday has been wonderfully received! We decided to memorialize the best of #TipTuesday here.

Join us in our effort to promote safer communities by adding a #TipTuesday to your feed, sharing ours or giving us a shout out with #ASISTampa.



Welcome to your first home

Security Tips for Living Alone for the First Time

safe place 2



Today is #SafePlaceSelfie Day!

Send us your Safe Place Selfie and we will post it.

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This one is for all of our security teams out there. Know where your safe place is. The gatehouse is dangerous during severe weather.

Pretty Fly



Did you know the user name and password on the router provided by most internet providers is set by the manufacturer?

Change your user name and password after installation.

burglars tip



It is surprising how many people leave their front door unlocked even when not at home. As the Pasco Sheriff's office says, "keep what's yours, lock your doors"





That free WIFI might just cost you your identity. Avoid using free WIFI services in public places.